Report damage quickly and easily

To report damage, click on the type of damage involved and then follow the instructions.
We will make a record of your request and then contact you to discuss the claims process with you. We would also be happy to take care of the processing for you with your insurer.

Hail damage

We recommend having any hail damage repaired (unless total loss occurs). Your comprehensive or third-party, fire and theft insurance covers damage caused by natural events. In the case of leased vehicles that have not been repaired, the costs must be borne by the lessee upon return. We will be happy to help you make a claim and settle it with your insurer.


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Damage caused by collision with an object

Contact with a pillar in a multi-storey car park, for example, is classed as damage caused by collision. But you don’t need to worry, as collision damage is covered by your comprehensive insurance.


Damage caused by collision with a vehicle

Driving into another vehicle is an example of damage caused by collision. Collision damage is covered by your comprehensive insurance.
In the event of a collision with another vehicle, we require a completed damage report form.


Mechanical defects or error messages

For service/inspections, vehicle checks, mechanical defects, error messages and many other services, AMAG service partners are happy to help. Report your issue here.


Wheel rim repair

With our rim repair service, kerb and corrosion damage is safe and cheap to fix.


Minor damage

Dents, scratches or (burn) holes. In the case of minor damage, we use the cost-effective and resource-saving repair method, Clever Repair, wherever possible. In the event of damage, we check if safety systems are under the damaged area and provide you with a custom quote.


Glass damage

In the event of stone chips or glass breakage, we check whether the glass needs to be replaced completely or whether we can repair it. We guarantee professional repair according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The technical requirements for windscreens are very demanding due to assistance systems such as integrated rain, distance and infrared sensors, head-up displays and sleep warning systems. We specialise in complex assistance systems and have the specified workshop equipment required to calibrate them.


Damage to a parked vehicle

In the case of parking damage, the person who caused the damage would generally have to pay for it. If the person is unknown, your parking damage insurance will cover it. Parking damage insurance is supplementary to third-party or comprehensive insurance.